The “Iron Man” Gary Elliott Set to Run The BraveHeart 100 with Schultheiss Team

Posted on: May 1st, 2019

Kitchener, ON – As the Brave Heart 100 continues to bring in big names from all around the racing community, we will now see local principal, Gary Elliot pilot the number nine LOSC car hoping to be in line with Ken Schrader and Kenny Wallace. As we spoke to Bob Schultheiss about the takeover of his hot rod for the weekend, he said there is no one he would rather have in his driver’s seat than the Iron Man Gary Elliott.

“I have followed Gary’s career since I got involved in racing back in the 80’s.” Schultheiss said, “The same day, Ken Schrader was announced, I happened to look out my window and saw Gary’s trailer going by and thought, wouldn’t it be great if we had a Canadian legend racing against an American one?”

After talking with both Bob and Gary about this exciting partnership, they are in sync about how this race is going to pan out for the pair. “We will be and have been working with Gary on set up for Full Throttle, car comparison LOSC cars vs Late Models” Schultheiss said, we are running a new car and we are excited to get this thing going! Over the next few weeks, into May, we are getting the car put together, set up and will get Gary in the seat at Flamboro a few times and up to Full Throttle at least once.”

As time is ticking fairly quickly leading up to the June 8th race, Bob stated that finding the “groove” between two cars came easier than anticipated, “The car comparison, LOSC vs Late Models, which Gary is used to was the most important thing that we had to find and luckily is was not as difficult as anticipated to find the things in common, it may be easier than we think to get Gary used to the new car. We want to make sure that June 8th will be an awesome show for all the supporters.”

Gary’s point of view is about the same, as excitement between the two racers for this event. He told us that he has actually raced against both NASCAR personalities prior to this race, stating he knows what to expect and is itching to get behind the wheel. “I am very excited to be in this race. Along with my race in Newfoundland on September 1st, this will be a high light for sure in 2019. Both of those men are first class racers and short track aces.”

While doing their research, planning and finding new ways to ensure they are competitive on race day, Schultheiss and the number nine team are ready to go green for the Brave Heart 100 as we imagine all of the LOSC drivers are as well.