Race Recap – BraveHearts 100

Posted on: June 18th, 2019

Durham, ON – On June 8th the event Canadian race fans had been looking forward to since March 27th had finally arrived, The Bravehearts 100 at Full Throttle Motor Speedway. As twin features went for the speedways regular night classes, the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series drivers prepared themselves for qualifying and 100 laps.

As the LOSC opening night was rained out, Full Throttle Motor Speedways, BraveHearts 100 event was now the series first race of the season. Just as the pressure started to settle, LOSC drivers now had to consider NASCAR personalities, Norm Benning, Kenny Wallace and Ken Schrader their competition.

“Having Wallace, Schrader and Benning join the field for our opening night, just brings more excitement to the event” stated #4 LOSC driver Connor James. “This race is a step in the right direction for this series and also the track itself.”

2018 LOSC Rookie of the Year winner Michael Hyrniuk JR said he used the pressure of the “Big Three” as motivation, which ended up paying off in his qualifying efforts.

A full field of 19 cars took to the track for qualifying, putting Alvin McNicol, Michael Hyrniuk Jr and Chad McGlynn in the top three. After cars completed their fastest times, the Lucas Oil “Fast Five” put Chad McGlynn in your pole position followed by Schrader, Hyrniuk Jr, McNicol and Gallant.

As soon as McGlynn and Hyniuk Jr led the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series to the green flag, the fans at Full Throttle Motor Speedway witnessed nothing but action. The “Big Three” quickly positioned themselves sixth, seventh and eighth riding side by side for multiple laps, until Wallace got caught up in an racing incident which ended his night.

“It was a good night” Wallace smiled, “We were rubbing and racing, but I guess I just saw a little too much of it.” Although Wallace finished his night fairly early, he still enjoyed his trip to Canada. “Full Throttle Motor Speedway is a neat little race track, you have to hold your lane, but it was a lot of fun.”

After the series went green for multiple laps, the #95 of Anthony Folino brought out our next caution, bringing the top five back together, making it an interesting restart. Jay Doerr was now pressuring the #77 of Alvin McNicol for the lead and not far behind was the #31 of Kevin Gallant. The three broke off from the rest of the field, but the hard charger winner, Connor James was inching closer every lap.

Time was running short for drivers to make their moves, as lap by lap went by, the more action packed the race got. As the trio of McNicol, Doerr and Gallant were marching through lapped traffic, Connor James had caught up to the three and there was now a top four get away. Lapped Traffic made the race at the front of the field an interesting one as cars slowed up, dropped low and did anything they could to finished at the front.

When the checkered flag flew, McNicol took the win followed by Doerr, Gallant, James and Schrader. Right out of the gate, McNicol set fast time and dominated all day long, but did not have it easy as the top five gave him good competition.

“This car was a rocket!” McNicol said in victory lane, “I can’t thank my team enough for everything they do for me.” As he now leads the LOSC points, McNicol and his team are excited for the rest of the season.

Runner up Jay Doerr had a lot to say about his efforts in the BraveHearts 100. “This car sat on jack stands for seven years” He said, “For the past month and a half, my team and I worked very hard to get the car ready and it is safe to say we were happy right from the get go.”

Third place finisher Kevin Gallant ran upfront all night long, proving his #31 machine had what it took to contend for the win. Although near the start of the race, him and his team lost some fenders in a hard fought racing deal, that did not stop him from competing. “I knew I was a lot shorter.” Gallant laughed. “Aside from that, the car felt great, I am always talking to people making sure I have the best set up possible, and I apply it to my car and it always seems to work.”

Connor James and Ken Schrader rounded out your top five. James receiving the Hard Charger award, qualifying 12th and finishing fourth, and Schrader battling the field of some of Ontario’s best, finishing fifth. Schrader chatted with LOSC after the race, and said he was pleased with the event. “We definitely got going better in the end, we qualified fifth, after the pill draw, started second, fell to ninth and by the end of the race, I found myself in fifth.” Schrader said. “Full Throttle is a neat little race track, it was a lot of fun and I look forward to hopefully coming back in the future.”

After a hard fought battle from the #3 of Schrader, he managed to keep it all in one piece. “We have a few little hickeys but nothing real bad.” He smiled. “Here, you just have to be looking ahead. Some stuff you can see it coming, but other times you just can’t miss it. Everything aside, we had a lot of fun here today.”

NASCAR Truck Series Driver Norm Benning brought his #6 car home in seventh place after the BraveHearts 100. After being spun near the end of the race, Bennning fought his way back to the front making impressive passes through the field, making fans jump to their feet.

“I love Canada, Kevin Gallant and his team gave me a really good piece. Getting behind the wheel of a new car only lets you get better and better, I had a lot of fun today.”

The BraveHearts 100 at Full Throttle Motor Speedway was an action packed night, and the series anticipates to do the same all season long. As LOSC takes the June 15th weekend off, they will take on The Basement Store 100 at Sunset Speedway {Innisfil, ON} next, on June 22nd.