Flamboro Speedway Itinerary

Posted on: August 28th, 2020

Super Stocks welcome! Contact Dave Alexander for details.
(519) 281-8538.

Please practice social distancing all day. Masks, Gloves and Hand Sanitizer. Stay in your Pit Stalls. If going to the stands remain 6 feet apart. No standing at the fence. Pit Stands will closed. No alcohol anytime or anywhere. Radios are mandatory. Transponders are mandatory. Present serial number if you have your own, otherwise get one from the track.

11:00 AM – Ontario Sportsman Series teams enter pits (car, driver and 4 crew together).
11:30 AM – Pits are closed for Ontario Sportsman Series teams (No one accepted after this time)
12:30 PM – Drivers Meeting: Ontario Sportsman Series
1:40 to 2:00 – Practice
3:00 – Time Trials