Connor James is Crowned the 2019 Series Champion, McGlynn Wins the Race

Flamborough, ON – This past weekend at Flamboro Speedway, the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series crowned their 2019 series champion. Going into the event, Kevin Gallant and Connor James were tied for points. Meaning whomever finished in front of who, was taking the title. Both teams showed speed all season long, with James winning three races and Gallant winning our first visit to Flamboro Speedway.

Tensions were high with qualifying about to be underway, as the 31 and the 4 were one and two on the board during final practice. Gallant quickly set fast time, followed by the 18 of Chad McGlynn, the 54 of Kevin Allen, our guest driver Brady Smith and rounding out the top five was Connor James. This would also be our starting order for the IMRV 100 at Flamboro Speedway.

Neither the 31 or the 4 had to win the race to clinch the championship, it was the first to cross the finish line to win. With that being said, both drivers knew what had to be done on the race track. Gallant took the early advantage starting on the pole, while James started in the third row.

While home track features quickly came to a close, our 100 lap race was ready to get underway. Gallant took the early lead. Ironically leading until lap 31. The 18 of Chad McGlynn had shown speed all day long, and was chasing down Gallant, until the pass was complete. Our first caution came out on lap 45, involving the 77 of Alvin McNicol, the 48 of Doug Cathcart and your championship runner Connor James. The 77 and the 48 were being put a lap down, although battling hard for their respected position. Coming off of turn four the 48 was spinning into the 4 of James as he was trying to make the outside pass. Both the 48 and the 4 pitted under caution, loosing body panels on both cars and James having to change a left front tire. Both teams made it back on the track, not losing a lap.

James would now restart seventh, as Gallant was still sitting second. All eyes were on the battles mid field, as fans witnessed the 15 of Michael Hrynuik Jr, charge through the field. With three wide passes and lapped traffic playing a huge role, this event was shaping up to be one of the most exciting races Flamboro has seen.

The 54 team of Kevin Allen was showing consistency all race long, never being out of the top five all night long. The series also had a new face added to the roster for the final event of the season, Brady Smith. Smith qualified upfront and stayed there for the majority of the race, until making contact with the wall coming into corner three. Although the contact did not set the 6 team back, as they worked their way back through the field as well.

All race long, the top five on the track put on a great show for the fans. McGlynn showing complete domination over the rest of the field, Gallant trying to keep with his momentum to stay away from James, as the 54 was the only car separating the two. James was chasing down the 54, quick to make a bump and run pass as laps were winding down.

McGlynn still with the lead, Gallant now saw James in his rear view mirror, meaning the battle was about to start. All night long, it had looked like the 31 was the going to be the one to cross the line first, with James early caution and having to chase down the fast three, Gallant had his sights set on the checkered flag. As lap 90 came on the board, fans quickly saw James charging to the front. After chasing down the 31 for almost 20 laps, James finally saw the gap close and took a chance at a pass.

On lap 96 just as the 43 of Merrifield spins through the infield towards corners 3 and 4, James delivers the bump to Gallant and tries to make a run. Making contact, the two charge under the starters stand and the caution flies. Going into corner one more contact happens with James being turned sideways in the middle of corner two.
Gallant starting on the outside of James in sixth, with McGlynn still your leader, the pack raced to the green flag for a green, white flag, checkered. For your championship contenders, it was time to put everything on the line. James took the early advantage being on the bottom, although Gallant proving he was not going to back down. The two battled all the way the checkered flag, with Gallant coming up one spot short, leaving James your 2019 Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series Champion.

McGlynn picked up his second race win of the season, finally being able to properly celebrate, finishing third in championship points. Hrynuik Jr finished behind the 18, having his personal best career finish of second, Jr also was rewarded the “Hard Charger Award” making up four positions from his qualifying efforts. This left Jr finishing fifth in series points. Connor James was your third place finisher, followed by Gallant and rounding out your top five was the 54 of Kevin Allen.

Anthony Folino was your 2019 Rookie Of The Year award winner, finishing his first year of Stock Car Racing with a total of 585 points. Folino showed improvments all season long, joining the series at ever event, travelling around Ontario. The 95 team plans to be back next year with even more knowledge under their belts.

Connor James and Kevin Gallant put on a great battle all season long. From the very beginning you knew that it would be these two drivers contending for the championship. Gallant proving how important consistency is, not finishing outside of the top five all season. James proving he had what it took to compete against the veterans, winning three events total. This was the first time in LOSC history, having two drivers tied for points going into championship night, and I do not think the show disappointed. James overcame all adversary, with everything paying off, as he was crowned the 2019 series champion. In what has been the most competitive season, the championship came down to lap 698 of the 700 lap season.

Kevin Gallant and Connor James Ready to Battle Going into Championship Night at Flamboro Speedway

Flamborough, ON – Today at Flamboro Speedway we crown our 2019 Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series champion. To make things even more exciting, going into the IMRV 100, Kevin Gallant and Connor James are tied for series points, being the first time in LOSC history.

Over the course of this season, Gallant and James have put on one of the most exciting battles of 2019, going from track to track around Ontario. The 31 and the 4 teams have both proven they would be the two contenders for the championship. James winning both Sunset Speedway events and our annual visit to Peterborough Speedway. Gallant proving how important consistency is, finishing upfront and finally winning at our last visit to Flamboro Speedway.

Coming into today off a win will make James confident. Although, knowing Flamboro is Gallants “home track” will set nerves into the 4 teams plans. The 31 dominates Flamboro Speedway, hands down turning the most laps here out of any driver in our series. Gallant knowing he does well here, will make determine their goal, of winning that championship.

This event will hands down be our most exciting race of the season. Between championship battles being so tight, and our last event being at one of our toughest tracks that we visit, will make this an event you will not want to miss. Your top five in points are sitting with 22 points between the four teams. Depending on how this weekend goes, our top five could shift, as 6th and 7th are sitting two points back from 5th.

At the beginning of the year, our rookie of the year standings were quickly taken ahold by the 95 of Anthony Folino. Steve Aubertine and his 28 team have been trying to catch the 95, showing good speed over the last couple of races. BJ Harrison has also come to play in recent weeks, adding another rookie to the track, aiding the series to put on better shows.

As we continue to see drivers dabble in the series, Super Stock standout Brandon Mcferran has shown domination is in sight for the near future. At our last race at Sunset Speedway, leading until broken. With unknown plans for next year, we hope to see him join the series.

While we approach our last race of the season, we hope to see our LOSC fans supporting us tonight. We are excited and ready to crown our two potential and well deserving champions this weekend.

Two Races, Two Points, Four Different Feature Winners Set Up For An Exciting Night at Sunset Speedway

Innisfil, ON – Two races, Two points, four different feature winners, five different race tracks across Ontario, set the Lucas Oil Sportsman Series up for an exciting end of the season. All season long, all eyes have been on your consistent top three, Kevin Gallant, Jay Doerr and Connor James. Although, over the course of the last couple of weeks, we have seen some drastic changes.

Doerr and the 40 team were not in attendance at Flamboro Speedway, leaving Chad McGlynn and the 18 team sitting in third after their win at Sauble Speedway. Kevin Gallant did pick up the win at Flamboro, now putting him top of the leader board in points over James.

After an incident on track, we were under the impression that the 77 of Alvin McNicol would be done for the season. As we are one practice underway at Sunset Speedway, the 77 team pulls in ready for redemption. They currently sit fourth in points behind McGlynn. With Hryniuk sitting in fifth.

With two races left, and points being as tight as they are, we are set up for an exciting 100 laps. Each one of our drivers are ready to give it their all, as it is anyone’s shot in the top five to be crowned the 2019 Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Champion.

Tonight, racing starts at 5pm, as we are joined by Mini Stocks, Bone Stocks and Outlaw Midgets at Sunset Speedway. Connor James is ready for redemption and looking for win number three, while Gallant and McGlynn are sitting quietly ready to pounce.

Kevin Gallant Leads Green to Checkered, Picking Up First Win of the Season

Flamborough, ON – This past Saturday, the LOSC Series made their first appearance at Flamboro Speedway. With your championship points being so close, your top five brought their A game, everyone eyeing victory lane.

Last season’s champion, Steve Arrand and the 54 team showed speed in practice, setting fast time. With the team not attending Full Throttles race at the beginning of the season, the team unfortunately Is out of the points race, although has shown that they are there to win as they dominate at every event they attend.

Sauble Speedways race winner, Chad McGlynn came up tenths of seconds short putting his team number two on the board before the fast five invert. Rounding out your top three, would be the Flamboro Speedway veteran, Kevin Gallant.

The “Flying Farmer” has laid down thousands of laps around Flamboro Speedway, in many different divisions. This proved as we seen the 31 machine look very confident in his qualifying efforts.

Your top five drivers in qualifying were the 54 of Steve Arrand, the 18 of Chad McGlynn, the 31 of Kevin Gallant, the 77 of Alvin McNicol and the 3 of the Tim Tolton. These names do not come as a surprise, as they have shown speed here throughout their years in the series.

At intermission, our LOSC Fast Five went over to the grandstands, to do our “Lucas Oil Fast Five” invert. This left Gallant on the pole, making his first visit to victory lane, that little bit easier. Right from the get-go, Gallant took the lead, maneuvering through lapped traffic while the 54 was knocking on his back door, every chance he could get.

With five cautions coming into play, every restart made for an even more anticipating race. Nearing the completion of the race, your top five continued to be shuffled around, as James and McFerran made their way up to round out your top five, for the last chunk of the race.

Gallant dominating the field, not worried about what was behind him, lead green to checkered, picking up his first race win of the season. This put Gallant on the top of the leader board for your LOSC Championship points, pushing James out of his two week consecutive spot.

After one of the most exciting races of the season, your top five for the Basement Store 100 was Gallant, Arrand, McGlynn, James and our guest, Brandon McFerran. McFerran also picked up our hard charger award, gaining seven positions during the race.

The Flamboro Speedway event, was nothing short of exciting. Jay Doerr was not in attendance, dropping from third to 13th in championship points. This now shuffles your top five, making Gallant your leader by two points, James in second, McGlynn third, McNicol fourth and Hyrnuik Jr in fifth. Although with that being said, our next race at Sunset Speedway will make for a pressured race, as we have gained the information that the 77 team of Alvin McNicol, who currently sits fourth in points, will not be in attendance for the rest of the season, due to an on track incident on Saturday Night.

The last two races for our season will be events you will not want to miss. Make sure you are at Sunset Speedway for the long weekend. Then clear your calendar on September 14th, for our championship night at Flamboro Speedway.

LOSC Ready to Tackle Flamboro Speedway

Flamborough, ON – Sunny skies hover Flamboro Speedway as the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series rolls into the gates, ready for their third last race of the season. With Peterborough causing tensions to be high, the pressure is on for the drivers, as they settle in to their points positions.

Your top five consecutively consist of Connor James, Kevin Gallant, Jay Doerr, Alvin McNicol and Chad McGlynn. This weekend will shake up the points standings as the #40 of Jay Doerr is not present, as he is attending an outside event. This will leave Gallant, James, McGlynn and McNicol to battle for your top four. This leaves that fifth spot open, for someone to come and shake up your top five.

A name that frequencies here at Flamboro is your LOSC veteran Chad McGlynn. McGlynn has shown much success here, as last year was your top qualifier for both of our visits. Although Mike Hyrnuik Sr, is still your track record holder from 2016.

Gallant also is a regular here at Flamboro Speedway, being a name that will most likely be a front contender coming into tonight’s race. Gallant races here on a weekly basis in the Super Stock division, making him the driver who has probably turned the most laps here, out of our roster.

James also has shown a lot of success here in the past years of his LOSC career. Winning both 50 lap features in 2017. Add his modified experience as well as his Mini Stock runs here, James is definitely confident at Flamboro, which will put on a good show between our one and two in championship points.

James Dominates Field, Collecting Second Win of the Season

Peterborough, ON – This past weekend, the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series made their annual visit to Peterborough Speedway. With morning rain clouding over, the series was left with one practice before qualifying, so that the track could stay on schedule.

Many teams were quick to show speed, as they had one round of practice to get the cars set up for their qualifying efforts. Minutes before qualifying was about to get under way, the 31 of Kevin Gallant and the 61 of Brent Wheller, pulled into the speedway, ready to give it their best shot at qualifying, with no practice laps under their belts.

Your series top qualifiers before the “Lucas Oil Fast Five” were the 4 of Connor James, the 40 of Jay Doerr, 31 of Kevin Gallant, the 28 of Steve Aubertine and rounding out the top five was your defending race winner, Kevin Allen.

LOSC Rookie of the Year contender Steve Aubertine turned heads this past weekend, as he took his #28 machine and qualified fourth before our redraw. The Although the 28 team has not been in attendance for every race, Aubertine is now 74 points behind Folino in ROTY standings.

With no practice and little time to get the car ready to go, Kevin Gallant showed speed right out of the trailer. The LOSC veteran proved race day practice is not a necessity, as he set his #31 machine with the third fastest time. Although, after qualifying was done, Gallant and his team did not stop looking for speed, as they made some quick adjustments before our 100 lap race, fell underway.

Over the course of this season, the most repeated names seem to be Kevin Gallant, Jay Doerr and Connor James. These three drivers have proved to us that they are here to win, week in and week out. Doerr constantly impressing us all, considering his car sat on jack stands for seven years, before coming back to play this season.

As intermission fell, the top five qualifiers went to the bottom of the grandstands to participate in our “Fast Five” draw. This left the 31 of Gallant with the pole, James second, Doerr third, Allen fourth and the Rookie, Aubertine in fifth. The five broke the 15 second mark, being the only five drivers to go below 15 second lap times. As home track features took to the track, the LOSC drivers were now ready to go.

Kevin Gallant and Connor James lead the field to green for the start of 100 laps. Gallant took the early lead, leading laps 1 to 33. Although while Gallant had the position, James was never too far behind, giving him little room as he patiently waited to make the pass.

Doerr and James were bumper to bumper with Gallant, while on lap 33, James took to the outside line to pass Gallant, with Doerr not far behind. James, Gallant and Doerr went 1,2,3 for the rest of the race. Although lapped traffic did not make any of their jobs easy.

With six cautions, involving most of the field, this made for interesting restarts and move throughout the race. As James was on his lonesome, Gallant and Doerr were battling hard with lapped traffic, trying to keep their cars in one piece. Although the lap down cars did not make it easy for the two, they still came out clean and finished the race, almost exactly as it started.

James lead from lap 33 to 100, putting on a clinic for the other drivers. Although leading up to lap one, it looked like it would be a hard fought race, after James made the leading pass, your points leader walked away with win number two of the season.

The LOSC Hard Charger award winner was Sauble Speedway winner Chad McGlynn, starting in the 12th spot and making his way up to sixth. The ROTY standings stay as is, with Folino still in the lead with three races to go in the season and Peterborough Speedway was our first race to break up our multiple ties in our championship points battles.

With no more ties, your top five in championship points are the 18 of Chad McGlynn in fifth, the 77 of McNicol in fourth, the 40 of Jay Doerr in third, the 31 of Kevin Gallant in second and now with a four point lead, your points leader in the 4 of Connor James.

This Saturday, August 17th is the Basement Store 100 at Flamboro Speedway. This will be the series first visit to the track this season, although we do return here for our championship night on September 14th. Pit gates open at 3pm, practice starts at 4:30 and the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup time trials are at 6:30 sharp. As our year is quickly coming to a close, do not miss the last three races of the season, as the racing continues to get better and better.

LOSC Returns to Peterborough Speedway this coming Satuday

Peterborough, ON – As the season continues to fly by, the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series will make their fifth on track appearance this weekend at Peterborough Speedway. With championship points coming to a close, all drivers have their sights set on victory lane.

Peterborough Speedway is Canada’s fastest 1/3 mile paved oval, meaning that racing in any division is promised to put on a good show. With LOSC’s 19 car field, we are set to entertain.

Back in 2017, Brandt Graham set the track record at 14.500. With Graham no longer asphalt racing, names like Gallant, Allan, McGlynn and James will be the top ticket names you will have to watch out for this weekend.

With over half of the season now completed, our Championship points battle continues to flare with many drivers tied for positions. Third in points is one of your LOSC veterans Alvin McNicol, as your second place points leaders are Gallant and Doerr who are tied once again. While Connor James continues to lead the points on his lonesome for the second consecutive week.

Due to the series last race at Sauble Speedway being cut short at lap 50, we now see McGlynn in your top five, who jumped four positions since our last visit at Sunset on June 22nd. This proves that with the season winding down, anything is possible. Making it hard to predict who we will see in victory lane this Saturday.

For the Saturdays August 10th event, pit gates will open at 1:30, with general admission grandstands opening at 4:00 and the first set of heats for the home track series will be green flag racing at 5:00.

Weather Played in Favour of McGlynn as Team Picks Up First Win of the Season

Sauble, ON – Sunny skies showed hope for LOSC teams as the series made the trip to Sauble Speedway, for their third race of the season. After practice sessions were well underway the skies started to darken as we were preparing to battle at the beach.

With rain in the forecast and headed to the speedway, the track and Series made the mutual decision to scratch qualifying and invert the top 10 in points, to roll the field off to green. The invert left the #61 of Brent Wheller leading the field; followed by Chad McGlynn, Michael Hrynuik Jr, Tim Tolton, and Doug Catchcart, rounding out your top five.

The #3 of Tim Tolton brought out the first caution of the 100 lap race. The three-car slowly made his way around the track when the yellow was finally brought out three corners later. With speed of the #3 car being shown in laps prior to the caution, this changed the top five outlook early on in the race.

As laps were being added to the board, while the track made the decision to count caution laps, we quickly started to see your top five in points, make their way through the field. Gallant, Doerr, McNicol, and James seem to be repeating names as we travel around the province. With Gallant leading the “fast five” through the field, Cathcart and Trevellin were not far behind.

The #18 of Chad McGlynn took the early lead and dominated the night as the rain started to fall. Not pressured by the pack of hungry wolves behind him, the 18 stayed calm and collected as “laps to go” started to fall.

A mid race caution fell, as the #96 of Scott Laporte broke down, with caution laps counting. Laporte tried numerous times to bump start his hotrod but it was not working out. That concluded the race for the 96.

As lightning and rain started to settle in, drivers started to get antsy. McGlynn still lead your 18 car class, as your repeated “fast five” began to race through the field. Quickly skies started to darken and clouds were rolling in as mother nature washed our night away 50 laps early. Your race winner, Chad McGlynn dominated all night long, as the #18 picked up his first checkered flag of the season.

Gallant, James, Doerr and Wheller rounded out your top five. The #19 of Kevin Trevellin was your “Hard Charger” award winner, as the LOSC veteran went from 15th to 7th in the quick 50 lap dash. Your rookie driver standings now puts Folino ahead by 82 points, with your championship points leader now Connor James. Your top five is James, Doerr and Gallant tied for second, McNicol and Chad McGlynn.

The LOSC series is back in action on August 10th at Peterborough Speedway. As the end of the season is quickly approaching, we are seeing Intense racing as championship battles begin to rise.

Sauble Speedway’s Winner – Series Points Leader for “Halfway” Mark in Schedule

The last two races that the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series have put on have been no less than exciting. With two different drivers conquering victory lane and new faces coming to play, the series has caught eyes of race fans around the province. As the series moves into their third race of the season, the points standings are heavy as the battle for the championship is on the line.

The pressure is on for the top three in series points. With James and Doerr tied for first, Gallant and McNicol are not far behind both tied at 190 points for second and Catchcart and Tolton tied as well for third. This sets the series up for some exciting races as the drivers get ready to take on Sauble Speedway this weekend for the third race of the season.

The “Battle at the Beach” is always an exciting race for LOSC. The tightknit track calls for some hard racing as our series never fails to put on a good show for our fans. With points being so close, it is hard to say who we will be interviewing in victory lane, although your top five picks, are not hard to come by. McNicol, James, Doerr, Gallant and Tolton seem to be our reoccurring top five finishers so far this season. Although with the upcoming talent and impressive runs by Hrynuik Jr and McGlynn, it is hard to predict which drivers will conquer the bullring.

As James and McNicol lead the field with each a victory at hand, both can agree their wins did not come easy. Dating back to our first race of the season, Veteran driver McNicol did seem to walk away from the pack behind him, although Gallant, Catchcart, Doerr and James were on a mission. James can attest to that as well, as the young star battled side by side with the 54 of Kevin Allen for the majority of the race at Sunset Speedway. The two were in constant combat for their first wins of the season.

The 54 team decided against running at LOSC’s season opener at Full Throttle Motor Speedway, although proved to us at Sunset that the team was there to win. Hot right out of the box, the 54 team qualified upfront and stayed there battling with James, taking early lead over the 4, coming up one spot short for their first race of the season. Steve Arrand and Kevin Allen plan to bring their “A” game to Sauble as they fight to get the top in points standings.

2019 has brought new car counts to the series, as we see a handful of newly discovered names. Aubertine, Folino, and Robinson count as your rookie contenders for this years season. Currently, Folino is leading the rookie standings as he has completed both events that the series has ran.

With this weekend’s race at Sauble Speedway being our halfway mark for the season, things will start to become hot and heavy as the time is crunching down, for the drivers competing for the championship. All drivers can agree that is it consistency that wins the race, and as we continue to travel around the province, we will see who will be crowned our series champion.

Race Recap – BraveHearts 100

Durham, ON – On June 8th the event Canadian race fans had been looking forward to since March 27th had finally arrived, The Bravehearts 100 at Full Throttle Motor Speedway. As twin features went for the speedways regular night classes, the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series drivers prepared themselves for qualifying and 100 laps.

As the LOSC opening night was rained out, Full Throttle Motor Speedways, BraveHearts 100 event was now the series first race of the season. Just as the pressure started to settle, LOSC drivers now had to consider NASCAR personalities, Norm Benning, Kenny Wallace and Ken Schrader their competition.

“Having Wallace, Schrader and Benning join the field for our opening night, just brings more excitement to the event” stated #4 LOSC driver Connor James. “This race is a step in the right direction for this series and also the track itself.”

2018 LOSC Rookie of the Year winner Michael Hyrniuk JR said he used the pressure of the “Big Three” as motivation, which ended up paying off in his qualifying efforts.

A full field of 19 cars took to the track for qualifying, putting Alvin McNicol, Michael Hyrniuk Jr and Chad McGlynn in the top three. After cars completed their fastest times, the Lucas Oil “Fast Five” put Chad McGlynn in your pole position followed by Schrader, Hyrniuk Jr, McNicol and Gallant.

As soon as McGlynn and Hyniuk Jr led the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series to the green flag, the fans at Full Throttle Motor Speedway witnessed nothing but action. The “Big Three” quickly positioned themselves sixth, seventh and eighth riding side by side for multiple laps, until Wallace got caught up in an racing incident which ended his night.

“It was a good night” Wallace smiled, “We were rubbing and racing, but I guess I just saw a little too much of it.” Although Wallace finished his night fairly early, he still enjoyed his trip to Canada. “Full Throttle Motor Speedway is a neat little race track, you have to hold your lane, but it was a lot of fun.”

After the series went green for multiple laps, the #95 of Anthony Folino brought out our next caution, bringing the top five back together, making it an interesting restart. Jay Doerr was now pressuring the #77 of Alvin McNicol for the lead and not far behind was the #31 of Kevin Gallant. The three broke off from the rest of the field, but the hard charger winner, Connor James was inching closer every lap.

Time was running short for drivers to make their moves, as lap by lap went by, the more action packed the race got. As the trio of McNicol, Doerr and Gallant were marching through lapped traffic, Connor James had caught up to the three and there was now a top four get away. Lapped Traffic made the race at the front of the field an interesting one as cars slowed up, dropped low and did anything they could to finished at the front.

When the checkered flag flew, McNicol took the win followed by Doerr, Gallant, James and Schrader. Right out of the gate, McNicol set fast time and dominated all day long, but did not have it easy as the top five gave him good competition.

“This car was a rocket!” McNicol said in victory lane, “I can’t thank my team enough for everything they do for me.” As he now leads the LOSC points, McNicol and his team are excited for the rest of the season.

Runner up Jay Doerr had a lot to say about his efforts in the BraveHearts 100. “This car sat on jack stands for seven years” He said, “For the past month and a half, my team and I worked very hard to get the car ready and it is safe to say we were happy right from the get go.”

Third place finisher Kevin Gallant ran upfront all night long, proving his #31 machine had what it took to contend for the win. Although near the start of the race, him and his team lost some fenders in a hard fought racing deal, that did not stop him from competing. “I knew I was a lot shorter.” Gallant laughed. “Aside from that, the car felt great, I am always talking to people making sure I have the best set up possible, and I apply it to my car and it always seems to work.”

Connor James and Ken Schrader rounded out your top five. James receiving the Hard Charger award, qualifying 12th and finishing fourth, and Schrader battling the field of some of Ontario’s best, finishing fifth. Schrader chatted with LOSC after the race, and said he was pleased with the event. “We definitely got going better in the end, we qualified fifth, after the pill draw, started second, fell to ninth and by the end of the race, I found myself in fifth.” Schrader said. “Full Throttle is a neat little race track, it was a lot of fun and I look forward to hopefully coming back in the future.”

After a hard fought battle from the #3 of Schrader, he managed to keep it all in one piece. “We have a few little hickeys but nothing real bad.” He smiled. “Here, you just have to be looking ahead. Some stuff you can see it coming, but other times you just can’t miss it. Everything aside, we had a lot of fun here today.”

NASCAR Truck Series Driver Norm Benning brought his #6 car home in seventh place after the BraveHearts 100. After being spun near the end of the race, Bennning fought his way back to the front making impressive passes through the field, making fans jump to their feet.

“I love Canada, Kevin Gallant and his team gave me a really good piece. Getting behind the wheel of a new car only lets you get better and better, I had a lot of fun today.”

The BraveHearts 100 at Full Throttle Motor Speedway was an action packed night, and the series anticipates to do the same all season long. As LOSC takes the June 15th weekend off, they will take on The Basement Store 100 at Sunset Speedway {Innisfil, ON} next, on June 22nd.